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Chiropractic Care: a 'must-have' or a 'nice-to-have'?

The other day, my wife, Caroline, was speaking with a friend of hers who needs chiropractic care for some back pain, but has been dragging her feet about coming into the office for care. Caroline’s friend made a very interesting point: that in this financial climate, chiropractic care was a ‘nice-to-have’, not a ‘must-have’; and that chiropractic would have to wait. For starters, this completely ignores the fact that, in my office, we are always willing to work with someone if money is a legitimate problem: money should never be a reason someone doesn’t receive care. That isn’t what I want to talk about though, how about it, is chiropractic a want or must?
I guess the answer to that lies in your perspective. What are your health goals for your life? We spend our money on what we value. What do you value, where does your time and money go? Some people don’t want to spend anything on their health until they have to, when they finally have some kind of disease or condition that they can no longer ignore, and they MUST get some type of care – usually a surgical procedure or something equally drastic. This is the person who spends their money on disease care, not health care. If this is your approach to your health, chiropractic care IS a ‘nice-to-have’, as health and wellness are something you will take for granted until they are gone, and prevention is something that will never fit into your monthly budget.
If, however, you view health as more than an absence of symptoms, and wellness as something to be actively pursued; chiropractic care is a ‘must-have’ for you. You know this type of person; someone who is willing to spend a little more on their food in order to get fresh or less processed food, the person who exercises regularly to stay vital instead of constantly talking about how they really need to start working out again, the person who thinks about how their lifestyle choices are impacting their long-term health. If spending your money on something that preserves your health and improves your quality of life makes sense to you, then chiropractic care is a ‘must-have’ for you.
What it all comes down to is this, what is important to you? Do you want to just get through life with an ever-decreasing quality of life, until your time is up? Or do you want to stay as healthy as possible, preserving your vitality and ability to enjoy your activities for as long as possible? Depending on how you answer those questions will determine whether chiropractic care is a want or a need for you.

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